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« We think we’re going on a trip, but soon it’s the journey that makes or breaks you. »
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Patricia Bergerot
Ludmilla Foy-Sauvage
Aurélie Cappelle

Certified in clinical psychology and psychopathology.

Psychodynamic and cross-cultural approach.

Solid experience with expatriates and in the humanitarian field.

Why do we work as a team?

In order to offer a tailormade approach to individuals, couples and families.

In order to offer to couples the possibility of individual consultations with different therapists.

In order to meet families demand being in an isolated setting.

In order to meet time zone constraints, depending on the place of residence of each.


Why to talk to a psychologist ?

You feel isolated, you are looking for a neutral and confidential space to speak,
a psychologist will support you…
This approach can allow you to :

Gain perspective on personal suffering, give coherence to your life

Overcome painful or traumatic life events.

Resolve relationhip issues.

Rethink your life, your choices, and your identity.

Adress behavioural issues.

Identify the difficulties linked to the environment (professional, socio-cultural, etc.).

Prepare for departure … or return from expatriation/mission.

Humanitarian: support in a crisis situation, departure or return from a mission.


Frequently asked questions

You will find below some information which will be useful to you, before contacting us:

Online therapy: interests and limitations

Contacting a psychologist online offers the possibility of psychological support, made unavailable because of your environment, geographic location and certain living conditions.

This type of distance sessions allows flexible scheduling

Today, online consultations have been studied and are better understood to provide appropriate support

However, face-to-face meetings offer a different approach, as well as direct contact with your psychologist. Depending on your needs and place of residence, we are able to guide you towards the best choice

All discussions with a psychologist are strictly confidential. However, please note that the use of certain platforms can raise questions of confidentiality (see below).

Code of ethics (confidentiality, patient rights etc.)

Our practice is framed by a code of ethics available online via the following link: Code of Ethics.

This code is the guarantee of our professional ethics. Clinical psychology training is regulated and compulsory for the treatment and support of mental heath issues

A first session

A first session is not a commitment.

It allows everyone to find support and its feasibility online.

Payment is made when an appointment is booked and can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

How long will my
therapy last?

Psychological support adapts to the person. So there is no standard answer to this question.

How will we communicate?

We use an interface respecting the confidenciality of interviews as far as possible.

By email, we send you an invitation. You just need to follow the link and possibly have a headset.


Contact us

Questions ? Send an email, we will welcome your request and respond as soon as possible.

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